Party FAQ

Can we bring in our own food and drinks?
You can only bring our own food and drinks to the Self Catering Party Package. For all the other party packages we will provide the food and drinks for you as no outside food and drinks are allowed.
Do I bring my own cake?
Yes. We don’t provide birthday cakes so please make sure to bring your own!
Can we bring our own beer?
Only with the Self Catering Party Package. We sell Banks at the play park bar for all other party packages.
Can I bring my own Wine?
Yes you can. There is a $10 corkage fee for each bottle of wine you wish to bring into the park. There is no charge with Self Catering Party Package.
How much is the deposit and where can I pay?
We take a $100.00 Bbd booking deposit to reserve you space. Until your deposit is payed we can not guarantee your spot will be kept available. Deposits can be payed at the ArtSplash Centre, Hastings, Christ Church by cash, card or cheque.
When do I pay the full balance for the party?
The remainder of the balance should be payed on the day of your party. This allows for any extras to be calculated and included for you.
How can I pay?
We accept Cash, Cheque or Card
How do I get the invitations?
If you wish to use our complementary party invitations you can collect them at the ArtSplash Centre. Most people pay the deposit and collect the invitations at the same time.
Can I select my own party time other than the specified ones on the calendar?
Unfortunately not as we have specific times available in the park. If you wish to book the play park for the full day because you want a longer event we can allocate two times slots for you at an extra cost.
What are the games included in the Deluxe Package?
The Party Hostess is fully trained and experienced in kids party games. She will choose different approatate games depending on the ages and number of kids. She may also pay different games for boys or girls party groups.
What is the art project included in the Ultimate Package?
Art Teacher Elayne will chat with you regarding art projects to ensure we provide something desired by the birthday boy or girl. Painting on your own t-shirt is one of our favorites!
How much food should I order for the adults?
This can be a tricky one! This all depends on how much you wish to spend and how many adults you wish to feed. Some people don’t provide anything for adults and some people put on a full spread of food. We recommend somewhere in the middle!
Can I bring a jumping tent?
Yes you can. We have a set charge of $50 if you wish to bring your jumping tent to the park. Otherwise you can look at our party extras as we also offer jumping tents at very competitive rates.
Can I bring outside entertainers or performers for the kids?
Yes you can and there is no additional charge for outside entertainers.
Can I bring a DJ?
Yes you can but the volume must be keep to a respectable level as we have residential neighbours. Our party hostess will help you determine the approate level. There is a $50 charge for bringing a DJ to the park.
May I have a tour of the Facility before booking?
Yes please call the office to set up a time for somebody to show you around.
What happens if I need to postpone or cancel?
The $100 deposit is non-refundable but if you wish to postpone or change the date that is no problem and there is no extra charge.